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    Ohio Brett.

    Encouraging Speaker Sharing Lessons Learned from the Sports World

    Life can be confusing and difficult for us all, especially our youth. Often all that is needed is a coach to guide, a teammate to relate, and a voice to show there is a pathway to help and hope for the future. Ohio Brett is that voice! Since 2004, Ohio Brett has been delivering powerful speaking programs that positively impact High Schools, Colleges, Companies, Churches, Veterans and entire communities, many times bringing friends who are fellow speakers from the sports world. We're proud to showcase just a few of the schools we've visited below:


    Focus on character development and encouraging good decision making.


    To challenge, encourage and inspire each audience & pave the way for positive transformational change.


    It is your life…your VISION. Follow your PASSION. Be POSITIVE. Never stop moving towards your vision becoming a REALITY. Don’t ever give up!

    Brett Bohl

    Ohio Brett, National Speaker and Co-Author

    My goal is to challenge, encourage and inspire each audience and pave the way for positive transformational change.

    Brett Bohl

    • Background
    • 100 $
      • From Dublin, Ohio
      • University of Toledo Graduate
      • Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Member
      • College Football Defensive Back
      • Coached by Nick Saban & Gary Pinkel
    • Recognized Leader
    • 100 $
      • Executive Producer
      • Non-Profits & Athletic Booster Groups
      • Passionate Fundraiser
      • National Speaker since 2004
      • “Getting to Thanksgiving” Co-Author
    • Sales Professional
    • 100 $
      • President’s Club Award Winner
      • VP Special Events & Community Outreach
      • Corporate & Government Accounts
      • Broker Relations
      • Sales Training

    Booking Ohio Brett.

    Starts with a FREE consultation where we are good listeners. We learn about your culture, key successes and some current challenges you are facing, the theme of the conference/meeting, your vision and key talking points leadership would like us to integrate in our inspirational programs. If you have a budget for the speakers great, if not we have a proven solution to share that can even raise $$$ funds for a group of your choosing. We are passionate about creating raving fans with our speaking program clients that we serve across the USA, helping your VISION become REALITY.

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    Ohio Brett & Friends.

    Our All-Star Team of Amazing Speakers

    Former College / Pro players, coaches and administrators who use SPORTS as the backdrop. Sharing amazing real life stories coming from humble beginnings, perseverance, following a process that includes hard work, getting help from mentors and ultimately making it to the top levels of sports: College & Pros ... NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, PGATour and more.

    High School & College

    Performing Under Pressure in Academics & in Sports, Family Matters, Make Good Decisions, Be a Good Teammate, Ask for Help, Dream Big, Suicide, Depression, Bullying and Drugs/Alcohol.


    Keynote Speaking, Conference Kickoff / Closing, Awards Dinner Banquet, Department Meeting, Sales Staff Meeting, Management Retreat, Distributor Conference, Donor & Client Appreciation Program.


    Government & City Entities, Churches, Fundraisers, Veterans, Associations, Personal House Visits, Non-Profits, Companies, Holidays, and Specific Causes.

    Miles Traveled
    Friends & Followers
    Hands Shook

    Ohio Brett.

    90 S. High St. Dublin, 43017
    (614) 588-7026

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